Sears Mattress

Sears Mattress

How to Buy a Sears Mattress

There are plenty of options available when you’re trying to find the right Sears mattress. However, you can save more and get the best quality by knowing a few things. It’s important to consider the different parts of the package as well as the features of the product to fully appreciate the value. Talk to the sales representative and do some research on the internet to get more information regarding the proper mattress. The kind of material should be assessed and comparisons should be made with other types to be sure.

Knowing Some Brands

A lot of people know that the best Sears mattress will be backed by a certain brand that’s known to be a quality maker of great goods and items. Some of the recommended ones include Tempurpedic, Seal Posturepedic and Simmons. Simmons is very popular because of the Simmons Black and the Simmons Beautyrest which help retain the natural position of the spine. People will feel more well-rested and back and shoulder problems can be avoided because of the way the spine rests on the surface of the mattress. These are available to help people with current or potential back problems and will relieve stress very quickly.

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A good Sears mattress may also be made by Tempurpedic, which incorporates visco memory foam. The one made by Steams & Foster incorporates latex foam. Both brands feature zero springs so the reaction among customer will be different. People will either like the idea of having no springs or will miss the presence of the classic setup. Tempurpedic and Steams & Foster foams offer a very unique design that’s firm and provides restful and sound sleep at night.

Trying the Products

You should try lying on the mattress for 2 to 3 minutes and try a number of sleeping positions. Also check the feel of the material and find out more about the firmness as you toss and turn. Try lying on the bed with a pillow under your head. The feel and effect in the showroom will be very much the same if you decide to bring the mattress home. Observe the size and dimensions then determine if it is right for the available space at home and if it will suit the number of people sleeping.

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Customer Reviews

Many customers like the mattress created by Simmons, particularly the Simmons Beautyrest, because it has inner springs. The big difference involves the special structure of the coils that will be ideal for people who like sleeping on their side. The bed will include several pockets compared to the connected pocket design featured by regular mattresses. This means that movement and sleep disturbances caused by another person sleeping the same bed will not be felt as much by the other individual. Individuals who like to sleep on their back will like the mattress made by Sealy Posturepedic more. The Tempurpedic is one of the most unique ever made. The movement and vibrations caused by tossing and turning will be minimized greatly. You will discover that putting a glass of water on the bed and then moving or jumping on the bed will not spill the drink.

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The Price and Guarantees

When buying a Sears mattress, expect to spend anywhere between $1,000 and $2,000 for a king size. The king size beds are generally more expensive by $250 to $500 compared to the queen size. Buying a mattress is always a worthwhile investment because you’ll be sleeping in it in the next 8 to 12 years. Customers are advised by experts to get a low-profile box spring which is 6 inches closer to the floor compared to the regular type. There will be no price add-ons for this request. When buying a bed, be sure to get a warranty as well as ask for a trial period. The warranty from Tempurpedic will last a very long time. You should always ask for a one-month trial period. Most beds will require about 4 to 6 weeks for breaking in. Cushioned beds will no longer need a mattress protector. Protectors should only be used to prevent ripping and staining of the bed. The company will not provide the warranty if the mattress is stained or ripped.

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